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Get your stories out! (Help is on the way)

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Bubbling with stories, but struggling to get them down on paper? Writing like crazy, but unsure how to get published? Got it all figured out, but could use some inspiration? Storywelling is coming to the rescue! 

We’re a brand new writing hub for writers of all kinds. Here, you will find content designed to help you develop, perfect and publish your writing.

Writing 101 is our advice, tips and tricks category. We believe writing is a craft, and we want to help you sharpen your tools and expand your toolbox. We will also offer first-page edits, where you can send us your material and have it picked apart – in the name of learning. Only joking! We are going to be constructive and gentle as we rip your baby to shreds.

Our Interviews category will bring you interviews with seasoned authors – those who know best what you’re going through. We know there are as many different writing dreams as there are writers, so we will feature talent from as many genres, trades and categories as we can think of.

In Slant inspiration, we will provide you with an assortment of inspiration from unexpected sources. We will talk about the lessons you can learn from song lyrics, films, comic books or marketing materials, and where to go when you’re in a creative rut. You will also find writing prompts and challenges for when that creative orange really dries up and you need some help to get the juices flowing.

In our Resources section, you will get just that – free resources. Every month, we will bring you new content, be it ebooks on specific topics, mini courses, instructional videos, guides or worksheets. These are for Storywelling-tribe members only; sign up to our newsletter to receive the password to the resource bank.

All of this, as well as competitions, news, courses and information about all things writing, will come to you soon!

We are excited! Are you?

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