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About us

What is Storywelling?

Storywelling is a creative writing hub, course provider and resource bank, run and loved by M. Amelia Eikli and her team.

Who are they?

M. Amelia Eikli had her first short story published when she was 11. Since then, she has had a passionate love affair with all things language and writing. She has studied linguistics, literature, communication and translation. She holds an MA in English Literature and has been on just about every possible side of the publishing industry: a published and self-published author, a ghost writer, a publisher, a translator, an editor, a cover designer and a manuscript consultant. She lives and breathes writing, and the only thing she enjoys as much as working on her own writing is helping others get the most out of theirs. In the Storywelling machine, she is both the engine and the frame. You can find her here, on Instagram, or on Twitter.

Antonica Jones is the editor in residence. She is a full-time magazine editor and runs an independent publishing house with Amelia. She has five years of experience as a book editor, content writer and proofreader. In the Storywelling machine, she is the mechanic. She makes sure everything runs smoothly, looks right and is spelled correctly. You will also find her authoring some our articles on editing and proofreading. You can find her on Twitter, too.

The machine couldn’t run without all its moving parts. There are a number of guest contributors lined up to post one or more articles. These are all people involved somewhere in the writing or publishing industry, who have a strong passion and deep knowledge of their chosen topic. You will find links to their social media channels at the bottom of their articles.

There are also designers, computer-savvy assistants, an accountant and a gaggle of helpful grandmothers running around in the background and doing important work with small cogs and levers. For them, we are eternally grateful.

What does Storywelling mean?

We believe that we all have access to an infinite source of stories, creativity and inspiration. A little bit like magic, a little bit like a shared consciousness, and perhaps just a good way of imagining how creativity works.

But we also believe that each of us has an internal well connected to this source. For some of us, it’s just an X-marks-the-spot dusty old sign, saying, ‘Here, if you dig here, you might find creative juice.’ For others, it is a well-loved old well with a rope and bucket. For others, it is like a smoothly running oil well, pumping stories to the surface continuously and efficiently.

If we learn how, we can all dunk our buckets into this well and keep pouring stories out onto paper. The deeper our well becomes, and the better we become at bringing its sparkling fuel to the surface, the better writers we will be. But it takes practice and it takes courage. This is what Storywelling is here for: to help you build your well and practise using it.

How do I get in touch with you?

For quick questions or feedback, you can reach us through Twitter. If you’ve got more to say than what can easily be conveyed in 140 characters, you can send us an email at contact(at) If you have feedback or requests for our resources, send your email to resources(at)

You can also find us on Instagram for writing prompts, sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes pictures.

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