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The IGNITE course is just what you need if you're waiting to live your writing life but don’t know how to get started. 

I'll show you how to incorporate writing into your busy schedule and make sure you NEVER run out of ideas. I’ll help you set out a goal (and make a foolproof plan for sticking to it!) that will IGNITE your writing life in just 30 days!

By the end of the course, you will:

  • have completed a significant writing goal that gives you a YES! moment, like:
  • finish drafting part of your novel
  • write 10,000 new words
  • submit a short story or an article to a magazine
  • read your poetry at an open-mic night
  • or another goal that aligns with your dream!
  • have learned what powers your personal writing dream
  • Identify various power sources
  • Know why there's no bad motivation for writing (no, not even fame and money!)
  • have a better understanding of who you are as a writer
  • know what traps you’re setting for yourself – and how to dismantle them
  • have developed a functional writing practice (that doesn’t just involve writing!)
  • have learned how to connect with your own writing voice.

All this and more, for just £295!

(with our "one question asked" money-back guarantee!)

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Finish the course in your own time – you get one new module a week for four weeks, and you keep access to all the content for a full 12 months!

Here's what you get:​

1. Four in-depth modules of engaging and easy-to-follow video lessons (audio downloadable as mp3 files!).  

2. Exclusive, practical exercises, designed to motivate you and get you going as soon as possible.

3. My IGNITE workbook to help you cement these lessons in your creative living.

4. Exciting bonus content to take you even further!

No risk to you! We have a simple "one question asked" money-back guarantee!

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Want to know more about the modules?

  • Your writing dream
  • Your inner storywell
  • Establish your practice
  • Getting to work
  • Bonus!

Module 1: Your writing dream

In the first lesson, I will help you discover what your writing dream really looks like, and what you need to do to achieve it.​

We'll cover things like:

  • ​The big what: Writing dreams and how to follow them
  • Figuring out what your writing dream really looks like
  • Identifying how it differs from your current situation
  • How much is your writing dream worth?
  • ​The big why: Why do you want to write?
  • Why there are no bad reasons for wanting to live your writing life
  • Nope – not even fame or money!
  • Obstacles: What is holding you back?
  • Decoding the most common things we tell ourselves to keep ourselves from writing
  • How to incorporate writing into your busy schedule
  • Saying YES: Committing to your dream

M. Amelia Eikli had her first short story published when she was 11. Since then, she has had a passionate love affair with all things language and writing. She has studied linguistics, literature, communication and translation.

She holds an MA in English Literature and has been on just about every possible side of the publishing industry: a published and self-published author, a ghost writer, a publisher, a translator, an editor, a cover designer and a manuscript consultant.

She lives and breathes writing, and the only thing she enjoys as much as working on her own is helping others get the most out of theirs.

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